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I’ve compiled links that contain everything a crime writer might need to create factually correct stories. I’ve also added in-depth craft resources, blogs, and more. Many contain information for all writers — fiction or non-fiction — regardless of genre. You can reach this resource from anywhere in the site with one click, in the main menu bar, or at the top of the page. If you find this helpful, please help spread the word. If you’d prefer to get a taste of the goodies you’ll find here, read Crime Writers’ Resource.

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Crime Writers’ Resource

Homicide Detective Checklist:…

Crime Scene Forensics:…

Burglary Investigations:

Violent crime analysis — MO, signature, staging, and more:

Criminals — The sexual sadist:

Forensics — From determining death to crime scene analysis to rate of decomp, this site has it all:

The Writers’ Forensic Blog:

FBI Information on Serial Killers:…

Forensic Outreach:

A Simplified Guide To Forensic Documentation:

FBI Forensic Ink Analysis:

Glass Fracture Patterns:

Forensic Science Simplified by D.P. Lyle, MD:

Analyzing Ballistic Evidence:

Crime Scene Investigation

Here’s an eye-opening post by Garry Rodgers entitled Mortis: Understanding Body Changes After Death

Everything you want to know about psychological issues, includes sections on the criminally insane. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders. Psychopaths and sociopaths are lumped into one category, Antisocial Behaviors. This manual is commonly referred to as DSM-4 by psychiatrists, especially while testifying in court. Here’s the link:

UPDATE: The DSM-5 is out. Here’s the link:

Experts in the field willing to answer questions for crime writers, who are bestselling crime writers themselves.

Garry Rodgers, veteran mounted police/homicide detective/coroner/firearms expert: And here’s a link to his resource page:

Gary released How To Write Deadly Crime Fiction (<-FREE) and How to Self-Edit Deadly Crime Fiction. I edited these guides, and gave my two-cents here and there. The first guide is mainly for aspiring writers; the second guide has advice from numerous industry professionals.

Lee Lofland, veteran officer/homicide detective/K9 handler/sniper:

Criminal Justice Writers:

Crime Writers Detective – Adam (no last name – works w/Major Crimes Div.) Adam has a new 5 week course for crime writers. The first session is free: Writers Detective 5-week Course.

Need help with weapons? Ben Sobieck, author of Writers Guide to Weapons, can help.

Did you know the FBI will help you craft believable characters, answer questions, basically assist you with anything you need? They certainly will.

And here’s the link:

Does your detective live in the UK? Here are some helpful resources you:


Writer’s Knowledge Base — A search engine for writers, links compiled by Elizabeth Spann Craig. You might have seen her Twitterific Links on Fridays. This is where those links are stored. For writers of any genre, from writing tips to getting published to promoting your book, if you’ve got a question, try here first:

Excellent resources for writers of any genre — tips, tricks, techniques, in-depth look at the craft of storytelling, and more…

The Kill Zone, an award-winning blog dedicated to helping writers: 

USA Today Bestselling Author Jordan Dane has a section on her website for writers. Click any title and the post will open. Here’s the link: (a blog dedicated to craft) (this resource is chalk-full of info.)

Have you always wanted to write a novel but don’t know where to start? Bridget at Now Novel is an excellence resource, for the beginner to the seasoned. She provides tips, motivation, shares experiences on how to turn your book into a movie, anything and everything is available on her site–even Oprah stamped her approval!

Best craft books, IMO:

Story Engineering and Story Physics by Larry Brooks. His latest, Story Fix: Transform Your Story From Broken to Brilliant

Blake Synder’s Save the Cat!

How To Write Dazzling Dialogue by James Scott Bell

On Writing by Stephen King

Screenwriting by Syd Field

Write Your Novel From the Middle by James Scott Bell

Getting into Character: Seven Secrets A Novelist Can Learn From Actors  by Brandilyn Collins (Larry Brooks’ website/blog — a must for all writers) (Shawn Coyle’s website/blog — to delve deep into storytelling)

Larry Brooks’ ebookstore is now open, with craft books ranging from .99 – $2.99. To view go here:

Getting into Character: Seven Secrets Novelists Can Learn From Actors by Brandilyn Collins.

More Resources…

Writers Helping Writers’ Resource

Fiona Quinn’s Thrill Writing – A wealth of info. for crime writers

My blogging bible, Blog it!, authored by Molly Greene, who has a site filled with excellent advice on blogging, writing, reviews, you name it and she has it.

Struggling with understanding passive voice? I wrote a post on it. Passive Voice Unmasked!

Do you write historical fiction from the flapper era? This site is like stepping back in time:

Here are a few posts by yours truly that might help. Feel free to browse the site for more articles.

Pinch Points in Fiction Writing

How To Craft A One-Page Synopsis

Story Structure In a Nutshell (how it relates to our lives)

How To Write A Killer Hook

Show v. Tell In Deep POV

Brand Building on Social Media

Make your story sizzle. Grammar Check has an excellent infograph on substitutes for boring words: 

Because I’m slowly converting the urls on old posts, if you come across a link in one of the posts that sends you to “can’t find page,” simply type the title into the search box and you will be directed to the post. Thank you.

As new resources become available I will list them here.

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  1. Hi Sue, I love the informative set out you have here. I am also a writer…#clean #mystery #suspense #spy… I have my own web page… And was wondering if I can add a link to your website or sections of your webpage when we do a few changes on mine… My site is It would bring additional hits to your page which I know they will find more informative than mine. Celia J.

  2. Thank you Sue! I can’t wait to have a look around.

  3. You are amazing to have prepared this post. Wow.

  4. Thank you for sharing all of this! I can’t wait to go through this information. 🙂

  5. Sue–I am visiting your site for the first time, and want to thank you for the valuable information it offers to all crime fiction writers. I’ll be back–and I’ll look into your work.

  6. Wonderful Site

  7. Great selection of writing resources, Sue. I enjoyed your post on building a social media presence too. I’ve also found Pinterest to be particularly effective for gaining more visitors to Now Novel. This is most likely due to the longevity of pins vs, for example, tweets that disappear into the internet ether so quickly.

    • Thank you, Bridget! Yes, I’ve just discovered how powerful Pinterest is. I should update my previous post.

      Hey, I noticed yesterday that Oprah stamped her approval on your blog. Impressive!

  8. Wow! What a wealth of information!

  9. Thanks, Sue, for the wealth of useful links and crime resources. As I tie up some FBI-related details in my noir novel, they are coming in very handy.


  10. Hey there Sue,

    I’m a bit ‘new’ to the whole self-pub Crime writer thing-y, and I can’t believe I didn’t came over here sooner your resources are plentiful and very informative. Thank you for posting this.

    • You’re welcome, Verge! Though I’m not a self-published author, I do believe in sharing the nuggets of gold I discover along my writing path. Best of luck to you. I wish you HUGE success!

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  15. Hi Sue. I didn’t know about this resource until today. It’s so helpful. Thank you for putting this together. And it’s a real honor to see my blog included on your list. Thank you so much for the mention.

    • Oh, my pleasure. I love your blog. Normally, I’m more involved with commenting and sharing, but lately ‘real life’ has gotten in the way. I’m hopeful that will change real soon. Write On, Sister! (too good to pass up.)

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  18. This is a wonderful collection of information that will help me greatly as a new crime writer. I can’t thank you enough for posting this.

    • You are more than welcome, Gippy. It’s my pleasure to share the treasures I’ve dug up along the way. I eat, sleep, and breathe crime. 🙂
      I add to this list periodically. If you’re looking for something and can’t find it let me know. I’d be glad to help any way I can.

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  20. Awesome! Thanks so much for compiling all of this, Sue!

  21. This is wonderful! Thank you so much!! I’ve added a link to my Writers’ Resources Page ( under “Craft Advice.”

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