Serial Killer Corner: Welcome to My New Video Series!

Did something a little different today. This video is very laid back. No script. Winging it on the fly. If you enjoy Serial Killer Corner, I’ll create more laser-focused videos for future episodes.

You can find the episode of Partners In Crime that I referenced HERE. All the episodes are also embedded on the website: Partners In Crime page

Also, I should probably mention why I’m not staring into the camera, and you guys can actually use this in your books. When we’re recalling something (thinking) a telltale body sign is to look up and to the right or left. When we’re lying — for instance, an eyewitness who’s covering for the suspect — we tend to look down and to the side. Clearly, I’m thinking as I go along, which is why my eyes are bouncing all over the place. LOL Sorry about that!

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  1. A serial killer video series is a great idea. As others have noted, I too find it intriguing. I also think having a transcript will be helpful. But watching the video will put an added twist on the content.

  2. It was great to feel like I’ve actually met you in person, a bit more casual and relaxed that how I perceive you through your posts and interactions. But that’s a good thing. However, I do like to reference things, especially from your pages. Having to go back to listen and zoom in on a particular point in a by-lined video might prove to be too much work for me. I might give up and look for another reference. With book tubers doing reviews on YouTube, maybe this would be a good way for you to casually enlighten us to some good reads. I enjoy serial killers stories, but I can only take a few a year and don’t write exclusively about them.

    • Thanks for weighing in, Susan. That’s what I love about video. We get to see the person behind the posts/comments/whatever. It seems a general consensus that everyone wants a transcript with the video so they can reference it instead, or in addition to. Video reviews are huge right now, but that doesn’t really fit my blog. Hmm…I need to give this more thought on what to include. Anyway, I would only have these type of posts monthly, or so.

  3. I’m with Craig and Mae–I don’t do videos, partly because of Internet issues, partly because it’s seems faster for me to read it. I can also go back and reference something written as opposed to something video-ed (like, that’s a word, right??)
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  4. Oh wow! Yes, yes, yes. You have to continue this.! I found it intriguing, thought provoking, and your words about us having the similarities between serial killers with our need to write hit the nail on the head for me.
    Please could you let me know on FB how I can get hold of your partner in crimes writing on the Zodiac Killer?
    On a Side note, it was good to put a voice to the name. And I have to say it is a voice that made me want to listen and learn. It Also, for some reason, had Gizmo enthralled too, maybe he’s a serial killer dog and was listening for tips? And your laugh is infectious!
    Thank you for sharing, and here’s to many more videos on Serial killers, their thought processes, and their demise.

    • Hahahaha. I wouldn’t turn my back on Gizmo any time soon. He’s taking notes. Such a little cutie. Sure, I’ll send you the link on FB to Kim’s book. Her theory will blow you away. Thanks, Kirsty!

  5. I think it’s a very cool idea, Sue. I watched the first few minutes, but like Craig, I’m just not a vid person so it’s very rare I will hang with one more than three minutes (I wonder if that means I’m ADD LOL). I do love to read though, so I like your idea of an accompanying transcript.

    And then of course, there are those who gobble videos up, so I’m sure you’ll have a good audience!
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  6. Sorry, I don’t like videos myself. It lasts 13 minutes, I have buffering issues. I can read stuff in much less time, and to re-read it, I can skip all the buffering a second time. I know that’s just me. The rest of the world seems to love the things. You may be smart to take things this direction.

  7. *Blush*
    Margot Kinberg recently posted…For Iago*My Profile

  8. Oh, this is great, Sue!!! Innovative and interesting. I hope you’ll do it again.

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