A One-Time Can't Miss Opportunity For Crime Fans/Writers

I told you 2015 was the year for change, and I meant it. Exciting things are happening on the blog already. Murder Blog has gotten a total makeover. We’ve had guest posts and writing tips. And it’s only January.

Nothing beats what’s coming next.

Are you ready?

Remember my recent guest post entitled “Mr. Big– A Unique Undercover Technique in Homicide Investigation“? If you haven’t read it yet, click on the title or go here. You are never going to believe who granted my request for an interview.

The real Mr. Big!

Mr. Big

Since I want this piece to be as special for you as it for me I’m asking for your input. Is there anything you’d like to ask Mr. Big?

Since many officers are still in the field we need to remain respectful of the sting and not ask any specifics that might endanger lives. But, if you’d like to ask something that relates to homicide investigations so you can get your facts straight– ask away. If you’d like to ask about how an undercover officer deals with living among criminals– ask away. If you’d like to know about the mind of a killer– ask away.

I’ll be working on the piece today and tomorrow so please get your questions in soon.

Mr. Big asks that we limit our questions to something other than the complexity of the sting. This sting still exists today. They need to protect it, not advertise it. So, please refrain from questions of this nature. Undercover officers’ lives and future arrests must remain our main priority. We certainly don’t want to cause any harm with our inquisitive minds. And you know as well as I do that writers can be very inquisitive, right? After all, it’s how we create realistic plots.

Everything else is fair game. This is a one-time opportunity, folks! Don’t squander this chance. Take advantage it. This Q & A could make a huge difference in your crime fiction. By getting your facts right you’re gaining credibility and, therefore, the reader will believe everything else you say, even the bizarre. They’ll be willing to take the ride with you all the way to ‘The End’.

I’m only allowed a certain number of questions so I’ll be choosing the ones that directly relate to the examples earlier in the post. If suddenly you all get very quiet on me I’ll just have to think of them myself. Which is fine, too. I thought I’d at least offer you this opportunity.


I’m also working on a special gift for you. All you need to do is leave your name and email on the sign-up sheet when it becomes available. No email addresses will ever be shared. What do you receive? A .pdf entitled “50 Ways To Murder Your Fictional Characters”, a handy reference guide to help spark creativity in your crime scenes. Once it’s finished I’ll give you all the details.

50 Ways to Murder...


Mr. Big is coming to Murder Blog, folks, so get your thinking caps on. I’ll wait…

*whistles, hands stuffed in pockets, rolls back on heels*

*checks watch.*

Okay, got your questions ready? Leave them in the comment section below.


  1. What aspects of a killers personality have you found almost charming or endearing? I like to see protagonists from two sides, one almost innocuous while the other, a malevolent creature.

    • Excellent question, David! He’s working on the Q & A now. I’ll try to sneak this one in, or he’ll answer it in the comment section. Either way, I can’t wait to hear his answer!

  2. Do you know of any instances of a Mr. Big scheme exonerating the suspect?

  3. This sounds fantastic. I wish I were a crime writer 🙂

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