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When I first starting blogging I was blown away by this special community of writers, and I still feel thankful every day to be part of it. We support and encourage. We have each other’s backs. We pick each other up after a heartbreak rejection, critique, or poor review. Dust each other off and encourage one another to move forward. We laugh and cry, share wins and losses. To my knowledge, no other community does that.

Doing my part to share the love, I’ve invited a special guest–a guest unlike any who’ve come before.

Anyone familiar with this site knows I’m a crime lover through and through. But there’s one particular robot who stole a piece of my heart. Her name is Lisa Burton and she’s C. S. Boyack’s personal assistant and spokesmodel for his blog. She even has her own paper dolls, which you can print from his site.

On his blog you’ll find awesomely creative stories involving Lisa and Craig at his fictional writer’s cabin. If you’ve never visited Craig’s site, I highly recommend it. In the sidebar he has the Idea Mill, where he gathers interesting articles for fodder for stories. Even if your blood runs crime, you won’t be disappointed.

The reason I’m telling you this is because Craig has a new book coming out on 9/15/15, available for pre-order now. The Experimental Notebook of C.S. Boyack has over a dozen short stories as well as micro-fiction, and it’s only .99 cents. Here’s the link to reserve your copy: It will be delivered the day it releases, on 9/15/15.

To show you how deliciously creative these stories are I’m linking to one of my favorites, entitled Jack O’ Lantern, part of his Macabre Macaroni series, which first appeared on his site last October. Click the link and you’ll know exactly why I chose it. *wink* Matter of fact, it was this story that first brought me to his site.

Share the love

Instead of inviting Craig, I have the lovely Lisa Burton here. How a man gets any work done with her around remains a mystery.

Hey, Lisa. Thanks for joining us.

Thanks for inviting me over today, Sue. Since my novel ended, I’ve worked as Craig’s personal assistant around the writing cabin. He promoted me to be the official spokesmodel for his blog, Entertaining Stories. This means making guest appearances, and posing for promotional materials like the paper dolls on his blog.

All during this time, I’ve been bugging him to write my sequel. He probably never will, but he relented and gave me a short story in his new book, The Experimental Notebook of C. S. Boyack.

My story takes place after the end of my novel, but in a different timeline than the blog uses. I’m living incognito, and hating it. I’m loaded with all kinds of police hardware, and it’s just a waste now. I went from solving a string of murders to being an outcast overnight. Then some knucklehead plants a bomb in the hospital. The police send for a bomb defusing robot, but it winds up in the river. I didn’t really have a lot of choice after that.

I picked up a couple of cute outfits in the story. I even got to wear one when I posed for a promotional piece for Craig’s next novel. You guys might get to see it in December or January.

Craig chooses the titles, so my story is called Bombshell Squad. I can’t say much more about it, because it is a short story, and I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.

He wants me to tell everyone that short stories are making a big comeback, thanks to self publishing. Big publishers want novels, and short stories nearly died out. He’s way excited about this book, and it includes some pretty fun stuff.

Craig calls himself a speculative fiction author. He dabbles in science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal stories. He included all of these in his “Notebook.” It isn’t illustrated, but it’s almost like an old issue of Heavy Metal Magazine. Of course you have to know, robot girls are all about the science fiction.

The advance readers were all pretty positive about the end product. Each of them provided a list of their favorites, and every list was different. This is a good sign for all the stories, because every one of them was somebody’s favorite.

Craig hopes this book can serve as a gateway to his novels. It’s priced so readers will take a chance, and he even included a free sample of Will O’ the Wisp in the back material. Patty Hall is so nice, I think readers will love her too. (Note from Sue: I start reading Will O’ the Wisp tomorrow. Yay!)

So, take a chance on The Experimental Notebook of C. S. Boyack. It’s available on Amazon right now for pre-order. Stop by the blog and visit us sometime. All of my appearances are linked under the Muse category in the sidebar. I have a couple of pieces of artwork posting soon to promote “Notebook.”

Now I’d probably better get back to the writing cabin. I swear, being Craig’s personal assistant is kind of like being his keeper some days. Check out this picture of what happened the last time I left him alone for a day. (Note from Sue: guess who the snail is?)image2

Thank you so much for the invitation, Sue. Craig said his blog space is yours any time you want it.

Aww, that’s so nice of him. Thanks again for joining us, Lisa. You’re welcome back anytime.

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“No man ever wetted clay and then left it, as if there would be bricks by chance and fortune.” ~ Plutarch
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  1. Hello Sue. I am a former psychiatric nurse who now writes psychological thrillers. My debut novel is doing quite well on amazon and my blog has plenty of followers
    I invite you to visit the site and comment on the blog if you can find some time out of your busy schedule. Maybe we can do some guest posting, with your permission, of course.

  2. Self-publishing is really good for short stoires, isn’t it? And if you get such a lovely and effective spokesmodel on cue, I wont to delve in.
    (say, is there an agency for this kind of models? 😉 )
    JazzFeathers recently posted…Thursday Quotables – DragonFlyMy Profile

  3. I just finished it – a great collection of short stories, and one right up my (twisted) alley 🙂

    And I couldn’t agree more on how wonderful this community is 🙂
    Nicholas C. Rossis recently posted…Conor Kelly’s Legends of Ireland, my latest book-baby flies the nest!My Profile

  4. I found your website by accident one day when I was web surfing for info. I am SOOOOO glad I did! What a wonderful resource for writers!  Thank you! Nancy  Hudgins, Director 2016 Northeast Texas Writers OrganizationSpring Writers RoundupH: 903-843-2914C: 903-738-1474F: 903-843-4629

  5. This is so much fun! I’ve been following Lisa’s blog tour and enjoying it (even if I haven’t commented on every site). What a great community we all have! Looking forward to more stops on the rounds.

  6. I think Lisa is terrific. Thanks Sue for hosting her today.
    John W. Howell recently posted…Three Days Three Quotes Challenge -Day TwoMy Profile

  7. Hi Sue, very encouraging words about the ‘big comeback’ of short stories. I do hope there is a very big following back to the short story as it has always been the king of fiction to me. I used to read all the Pan books of horror stories and Stephen King’s amazing collections from ‘Different Seasons’ to Full dark, no stars’ and Agatha Christie’s wonderful Poirot and Marple shorts. All are entire worlds and Universes held in the space of a chapter in a novel. Anyway, the ‘shorts’ remain on my shelf much longer than many novels. I myself have written many short stories, the first collection of which, all on the theme of murder, I hope to publish before Christmas. I say first, when actually it is my second, the first, now out of print, was a celebration of Halloween, short stories told in rhyme. I really like the look of The Experimental Notebook and will definitely get it and support the great comeback.

  8. Thanks for helping, Sue. I’m serious about visiting my blog one day. You’re book will be out soon enough, and my readers would love to hear about it.

    Now to figure out how to re-blog this post.
    C. S. Boyack recently posted…Lisa Burton on The Experimental Notebook of C. S. BoyackMy Profile

  9. Craig, I think Lisa is deserving of a vacation after all her spokes model duties of late, LOL. As always, it’s sheer fun reading one of her interviews. Glad you got her to drop by, Sue. She is certainly one busy assistant! 🙂
    Mae Clair recently posted…The Merchant of Nevra Coil by Charles E. Yallowitz #HighFantasy #EpicFantasyMy Profile

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