Sharing the Love in the Writing Community

Before I start sharing the love in the writing community, I’m thrilled to announce that I have two reference guides available. This officially makes me a hybrid author. Yay!

Murder methods60 Ways to Murder Your Characters, which many of you have, is now available. But I’ve made it even better. On this blog I’ve given away 1,000 copies of the previous version. It was time to turn it into an ebook and give it shot in the Kindle store. My hope is that it inspires your inner dark side. Mwahahaha…  Creating the covers were a blast, too. I *might* be slightly addicted to publishing my own stuff. Non-fiction, anyway.

Looking for inspiration on how to murder your characters?

With this handy research guide, no longer will you need to search for ways to murder your characters, or stare at a blank screen while you mull over the character development of your antagonist. Many of the murder methods listed in 60 Ways to Murder Your Characters come with ways you can use them in your novel, short story, or flash fiction. 

From the basics, like a shotgun blast to the head to the more creative ways to commit murder on the page, this research guide will help bring your crime scenes alive. 

Let’s face it. Being an author isn’t an easy endeavor. Crime writing is even harder, because we need to ensure our stories ring true. That’s why I’ve given you the exact measurements for how to dissolve a body in lye or acid, for instance. If I can help your stories ring true, then I consider it a win. Don’t let the preview fool you. There’s all kinds of information in this guide. Only 99c.


Need Research to Help Your Stories Ring True?

Look no further. In Crime Writer’s Research you’ll find countless hours of research that I’ve compiled into one handy guide to help other crime writers, or any author who has a murder, crime, or police procedures in their books. Let my passion for crime lend credibility to your story. 

In Crime Writer’s Research you’ll find information on serial killers, police procedures, a rare never-before-seen interview with a real-life undercover operative, and so much more. Only $2.99.

Take a look at the Table of Contents: 

Seven Phases of the Serial Killer — This chapter discusses what the serial killer experiences, his inner desires and fantasies. 

The Terrifying World of Serial Killers — Unlike the previous chapter, we’ll concentrate of how serial killers are classified by the FBI and how you can use this knowledge to write a more realistic antagonist. 

What Happens at The Body Farm? — I’ll take you inside the forbidden place where the dead litters the earth. 

Blood, Bodies, and Bugs — In this chapter you’ll learn what happens to the body after death; what affects rate of decomposition; life cycle of blowflies; how to estimate time of death, etc. 

What Happens Inside an Autopsy Suite? — Specifically, the careers of individuals who work in an autopsy suite and what their job entails. 

Exceptions to Search Warrants — There are exceptions to search warrants, and your detective needs to know what they are, including but not limited to Terry Stops, Exigent Circumstances, Custodial issues, Abandoned Property, etc. 

Crime Writers’ Boot Camp: Jurisdiction — In order to investigate a homicide, a detective needs to determine if the crime scene is within his jurisdiction. We concentrate on Subject Matter Jurisdiction, then move on to… 

Crime Writers’ Boot Camp: Jurisdiction Part II — Nexus, Territorial Jurisdiction, and more. 

Police Procedures: United States vs. Canada — Two detective friends sat down with me to discuss the differences between the US and Canadian police procedures and law. 

Why Dogs are Such Fantastic Trackers — Ever wonder how your best buddy can tell when you’ve petted the neighbor’s dog? Now you’ll know why. Plus, learn how to print your dog in case of emergency. 

Forensics: Radiocarbon Dating and Skeletal Differences — Forensic breakthroughs and how to tell if a skeleton is male or female. 

Psychopaths & the Criminally Insane — Have a psychopathic killer in your story? Read this chapter.

If She Walks Like a Victim — What our body language tells potential attackers. 

Candid Interview with an Undercover Operative — Using an alias, this undercover operative comes forward to discuss what happens behind the scenes of a sting. We also cover how he deals with the “theatre of crime,” family life, befriending the suspect, the inner workings of undercover work, etc… 

Badass in Heels: Self-Defence Moves — Learn techniques to make your protagonist a badass in heels. 

Badass in Heels: Nerve Strikes — No one will mess with your hero if you arm her with these techniques. And if they do, look out! 

How Story Structure Relates to Our Lives — A clarifying post about story structure, and an easy way to remember it. 

Crime Writer’s Resource — The research doesn’t have to end here. Have a question you wish you could ask a detective or coroner? No problem. This chapter gives you a peek at what you’ll find inside my website’s resource page. For example: When your detective enters a crime scene, what does he do? This chapter gives you the step-by-step procedure. 

Are you ready to dig in?

I’m not the only one with new releases. Let’s share the love. For new members of this blog, here’s what sharing the love is all about.

Writers are the most generous, talented, funny, genuine, and kind people I’ve ever met, and I feel blessed to walk among you. I love the writing community; always have. You can’t find better people, IMO. When I first became part of this elite “club” I found myself awestruck by the fact that no one was in competition. Quite the contrary. They supported one another. They lent a shoulder to cry on when one of us fell and rejoiced when one of us achieved our goals.

It’s been about four years since I crawled out my writer’s cave door and joined the community, and I still see random acts of kindness happening all around me. Each time, it blows me away.

When a fellow author tells me they’ve published a new book, I desperately want to support them by featuring their work. But if allow book promotions without a guest post that you can benefit from, I risk losing what I’ve built.

Therein lies the rub.

I’ve worked tirelessly to make this a resource blog, and many of you wouldn’t be here otherwise. I don’t reblog posts. I don’t post book reviews. And I don’t do many book promos. I’ve kept a narrow focus on crime, research, and writing tips. This year I’m trying to mix things up a bit, but I also need to remain true to my brand.

So I’ve come up with a different way of showing my support, a way that shows solidarity among the writing community as a whole, and a way I can support my fellow authors without turning this blog into something it isn’t.

In the last month I’ve heard from so many friends who all have news to share. These authors have supported me in more ways than I can count. These authors are truly wonderful people, and I feel blessed to call them friends. I root for these authors each and every day, just as I root for you. Incidentally, they have no idea they’re appearing on the blog today. That’s what makes my Sharing the Love in the Writing Community posts so much fun.

Craig BoyackCraig Boyack is a dear friend, and so supportive of fellow authors. His creativity blows me away. For example, on Entertaining Stories you’ll find The Idea Mill, where he shares nuggets of fascinating articles he’s read that you can use in your stories. At the end of each Idea Mill post he creates a short story using everything he’s found. He also has a new marketing campaign that all visitors of his blog can take advantage of.  It’s called Lisa Burton Radio, and the posts are always so much fun.

The Playground

The hottest new toys of the Christmas season are the Playground Network dolls. They contain a worldwide social network for The Playgroundchildren. Except the network is controlled by a ruthless businessman with dreams of power. 

To reach his goals he turns to the occult. Will our children make up his personal army? Could we have an enemy soldier in every home? 

Gina Greybill is a cancer survivor who stumbles into her own brush with the paranormal. She wants nothing to do with it, but may be the only one who can bring down the Playground Network. To do it she’ll have to embrace her new situation, and recover the next generation of Playground software. 

There is competition for the software in the form of a brutal thug named Clovis. He’s bigger, more ruthless, and more experienced. To top it all off, he has a head start. 

The Playground is like a paranormal romp inspired by Tarantino and Frank Miller.

Molly GreeneI adore Molly Greene. Not only is she extremely generous with the writing community but she’s an all-around awesome person. All authors should visit her site. It’s packed with information, from how to format an ebook to marketing and how to publish in different countries and formats. Molly is a master at finding guests to share their knowledge. I’m always amazed when she asks me to write on a topic. My first reaction is, “Me? Are you sure?” LOL

Midnight at Half Moon BayMIDNIGHT_800x 4-21-16

Private Detective Gen Delacourt goes to Half Moon Bay to locate a vanished scuba diver, only to discover that the mystery man is not who he said he was…and neither is anyone else. As Gen investigates, she faces her fears about the ocean, rebuilds her relationship with fiancé Mack Hackett, and discovers beyond a doubt that something’s fishy, all right, but it’s not the sea life.




Care for some Noir?

Tom PittsTom Pitts is a fellow blog-mate on The Book Stops Here (formally Prose & Cons), even though we’ve both been absent recently. He received his education firsthand on the streets of San Francisco. He remains there, writing, working, and trying to survive. Tom is genuine, and I really like that about him. What you see is what you get with Tom. When he’s not writing he works at OOTG Flash Fiction Offensive as an acquisition editor. No, that’s not how I got Emerging Evil published there…but it didn’t hurt to know the editor. Moving on…


Two young hustlers, caught in an endless cycle of addiction and prostitution, decide to blackmail an elderly client of theirs. Donny and Big Rich want to film Gabriel Thaxton with their cell phones during a sexual act and put the video up on YouTube. Little do they know, the man they’ve chosen, a high-profile San Francisco defense attorney, is already being blackmailed by someone more sinister: an ex-client of the lawyer’s. A murderous speed freak named Dustin has already permeated the attorney’s life and Dustin has plans for the old man.


Paul Brazil

Paul D. Brazill is awesome, too, like everyone else on this list. On his site he often shares the stories from OOTG Flash Fiction Offensive, where he works as an editor.  All right, so I knew more than one of the editors at Flash Fiction Offensive. Sue me. We get by with a little help from our friends…

Anyway, Paul also writes his own flash, and each story is so filled with voice you can’t help but to get swept up. His site is a great escape from reality. On Saturdays he posts songs, too. Just sayin’.


The Last Laugh

This is what his publisher had to say about the upcoming release: The great Paul Brazill has gathered his wonderful shorts into a collection and we are lucky enough to get to publish it. Brazill describes The Last Laugh and Other Shots of Noir as “a sharp, violent  and blackly comic look at life through a glass darkly.”



That’s all for today, folks. I hope you’ll take a chance on one of these incredible authors, if you’re not a fan already.

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Happy reading, writing, and research!

About Sue Coletta

Member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and International Thriller Writers, Sue Coletta is the bestselling, award-winning author of psychological thrillers and mysteries. Sue’s short stories and flash fiction have appeared in OOTG Flash Fiction Offensive magazine and numerous anthologies, and her forensic articles have appeared in InSinC Quarterly.

In 2017, Feedspot awarded her Murder Blog as one of the Top 50 Crime Blogs on the net. Sue’s the communications manager for Forensic Science and the Serial Killer Project, and co-hosts the radio show “Partners in Crime” on Writestream Radio Network. As a way to help fellow crime writers, Sue created a team of crime experts (detectives, coroners, police captains, etc.) and founded #ACrimeChat on Twitter. She’s also a proud member of the Kill Zone (see details in full bio — menu bar).


  1. Thanks Sue!

  2. This is an amazing collection of new books. And all sound great… your non-fiction included 😉

    Ah! I’m thinking your ways of killing a character may come in handy in my new project… but it’s still too early to tell.
    JazzFeathers recently posted…Thursday Quotables – The Sorceress and the SkullMy Profile

  3. Hi Sue, better late than never. Sorry, I spent the weekend in Editing Hell and just now came up for air. YOU ARE THE BEST! I’ve met a lot of authors since I published my first book in 2012, but few equal your intelligence, enthusiasm, and willingness to encourage and support. I am so proud to call myself your friend (lol! Hope you feel the same!). Huge hugs and mwahs from left coast to right. I LOVE YOU!! All the best in all you do. 🙂

    • You’ve got my eyes welling with tears, Molly. Of course I feel the same about you. I cherish our friendship. Sending huge hugs and positive vibes your way. You amaze me with all you do. Love you, too! xxx

  4. Sue,
    I’m discovering so many interesting and helpful notes and articles on your blog. Thank you for sharing and inspiring fellow writers. Frances
    Frances Dunn recently posted…FLOR – E-E-E- DA ROCKS!My Profile

  5. I love pay-it-forward posts, especially when they include such great authors!
    Nicholas C. Rossis recently posted…Tips for Creating Your First Freelancer (Writing) SiteMy Profile

  6. All of this information is amazing! You are SO generous, and I, as a new Indie Author (a few months in), am ecstatic! Thank you so much, Sue, and I will be getting both of your books. I know every time I open an email from you, it is going to be awesome.

    Have a great day! Gippy
    Gippy Adams Henry recently posted…Three WordPressers Making a SplashMy Profile

    • Aw, thank you, Gippy! Be sure to let me know when you have a new release. I do these every couple months, and would love to include you. Have a fantastic week!

  7. Ms. Colleta, someone who acknowledge the support or support other are very highly in my respect list.

    Your name is always in my talks to murder authors, yes the books are fiction, but the different in knowledge is: GOOD, BAD or AWFUL.

    Authors need that indeep knowledge, know their stuff & leave behind crappy scenes.

    Go ahead with your newsletter, I simply love it and how much I learn. So I feel confident on suggest your books & authors to read your newsletter.

    The change on their writing are impressive, sometimes (there always the one who wouldn’t listen, the Reviews show it)

    • Aw, Eve. I’m truly touched. Please call me Sue. Ms. Coletta seems so old. lol Thank you for telling others about my site and books. You’re proving my point…the writing community is filled with amazing people, you included. I’m thrilled to have you here, and I’m so happy you find the blog useful. You’ve made my day. <3

  8. Such an awesome site, Sue! You’re one of the places I go to find info, and your books are great! Keep it up!

  9. You’re such a generous soul, Sue. I’m off to buy both books, which will help recharge my batteries for my writing this week.

  10. Congrats Sue !! I love a good success story !

  11. These look fantastic Sue, thanks for sharing. I’m hopping over form Craig’s blog. I recently invested in a book entitled A for Arsenic, which is all the ways Agatha Christie poisoned her characters. Mwa ha ha. The research book looks great but as a cosy crime writer and a UK one at that, I wonder how it would translate? I’ll be sure to check them out.

    • Thanks, D.S. Many of the chapters in the research book will apply to the UK, as well. Maybe not the police procedures, but I’m betting it isn’t far off.

  12. I think your resource books are an incredible opportunity for folks to jump ahead with their research. Anyone who writes crime should have these by the nightstand. I’m also blown away with your generous acknowledgement.

    I understand the point about this being a research blog, and agree with keeping it that way. I don’t think a post like this will run anyone off though. I’m going to share this everywhere.

    • Thank you! No, I don’t fear losing subscribers by doing it this way. In fact, I’ve heard from many that love this idea. It’s a win win for all. And it could benefit so many by doing a group promotion. Hopefully, writer friends will continue to share their good news with me so I can support them.

  13. I just downloaded Crime Writer’s Research from Amazon and I have to say that it’s impeccably formatted – very professionally presented – just like your 60 Ways. Great job, Sue! And the covers are superb, not to mention the information inside!!

    And it’s nice to meet some of your other writer friends. Don’t know about that Molly Greene woman, though. Sounds like trouble to me 😉

    • LOL That’s so nice of you, Garry. But I would’ve sent you a free copy. I learned how to format from the best. And you’re right, it’s rewarding to see it go live.

  14. Sue I love that you put your reference material into ebooks…all that great info in two handy places. The covers, BTW, are awesome!

    And what a great look at the writing community. I don’t know all of the authors (or books) you profiled, but it’s great to meet them, hear about them and see their works. Wonderful post!
    Mae Clair recently posted…Welcome Guest Blogger Judi Lynn with Cooking Up TroubleMy Profile

  15. I am so happy for your release, Sue!! And what a useful tool it will be! And I know just exactly what you mean about wanting to support writer friends, but at the same time wanting to keep your blog about crime fiction (i.e. not about book reviews or author promos). That’s why I have a strict ‘no book reviews/author promo’ rule on my blog. But that said, it’s great to know what other autors are putting out there, so thanks!

    • I agree, Margot. It’s a fine line to be supportive yet not go against the blog’s style. You do it flawlessly with your Crime Fiction Newsbreak. And thank you!

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